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Ken Jordan
Founder and Principal

Ken Jordan is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Ken Jordan Consulting. His Environment Health and Safety career began in the mid-1990s after finding himself in a few dangerous situations. Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the College of Charleston, he completed his Masters of Science degree in Occupational Health and Safety from East Carolina University.  Ken obtained Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and Certified Safety Professional designations.


Ken Jordan’s 24-year career has spanned many industries from manufacturing and construction to utility operations.  Ken has been published in Water Research Foundation best practice case studies and recognized for contributions in the areas of innovative preparedness and response, integration of safety into operations, maintenance and new facility design, and organizational training. Ken’s disaster preparedness and recovery planning leadership were showcased in an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) case study. A leading industry magazine published an article on Ken’s leadership in changing an organization’s culture.


Ken’s passion for excellence led him to complete leadership training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduate with a Masters of Business Administration degree from Kennesaw State University. He spearheaded an organization’s five-year performance excellence journey through a tumultuous time by leading strategically and managing change resulting in alignment of resources and execution of vision, mission, values and four-year goals.


Ken Jordan specializes in environmental health and safety, disaster preparedness, and risk management.  He is especially adept at assisting customers in developing and implementing innovative and industry-leading occupational safety and health systems. Systems that help companies change the culture, improve performance, reduce loss, increase workforce capabilities, and achieve organizational goals.


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